Senco Internet was established with the sole purpose to provide our clients with reliable and simplified Internet connectivity solutions. As technology develops, so does the applications and Internet access is fast becoming an absolute necessity - we wanted to be able to provide our clients with the bandwidth they require. We, therefore, specialist in the provision of broadband internet connections as well as long distance data links.

As with all fields, the field of Internet connectivity is evolving at a rapid pace. We are relentless in our efforts to investigate and test all equipment and to stay a head of developments in order to provide our clients with the latest and most reliable solutions at the best possible rates, compared to standards set, not only nationally, but internationally.

Our services include constancy, installation and maintenance of long distance links, with or without Internet connectivity. Our consulting team consists of three experienced specialists who can assist in all aspects of quality long-distance high speed data links - this includes the planning, construction (including lightning protection), maintenance, supply of hardware and software as well as network and server configuration (addressing such aspects as security sufficiently).

Our client base includes single individuals and large companies - we deliver exceptional after sales support and service to ALL our clients. Our products, service, installations and maintenance carries the mark of excellence!